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Key art for series called No Escape on Paramount Plus. Image shows Lana emerging from water, there is a sense of danger. Further back you can see islands and a yacht. Her eyes are mysterious. Retouch by Ela Calin

It was a great honour to work with Phil Fisk on another project and be under the creative guidance of Kate Dunn at Paramount UK.
I enjoyed the challenge of combining the various elements photographed by Phil, with the CGI images rendered by Simon at Giant Bonsai, and scour the internet for some stock images that would fit our set-up.
In all three visuals the actors were photographed by Phil, water, boat and helicopter were generated by Simon and the islands and sky were sourced with the help of Louise at We are Flock. 


Project: NO ESCAPE


Creative Director: KATE DUNN and JIM CHAMBERS

Photographer:  PHIL FISK

Photographer's agent: LOUISE TURNER at FLOCK


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